Advanced Security Services

With Advanced Security Services from SNS, your data is protected by our best-in-class security monitoring, threat response, dark web scanning, and advanced endpoint AV protection.

Cyber crime is on the rise

Protecting your valuable data from advanced persistent threats and ever-changing hacking strategies can be a daunting problem for businesses and healthcare providers.  To protect against modern threats, a combination of technical solutions, employee education, and policy directives are mandatory. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking your office, no matter how small, is not a target for data theft and financial exploitation.  

Advanced Security Services

  • Ensuring the perimeter of your network is secure requires advanced detection, real-time analysis, and constant updates.  By leveraging next-generation firewalls, data as it enters and leaves your network is inspected to ensure unauthorized activity is kept out while allowing your team to operate quickly and efficiently.  Should threats arise, our team has the ability to remotely manage, lock down, and secure your perimeter quickly and completely.

  • Today’s cyber attacks are almost always financially motivated.  Once a breach has occurred, cyber criminals will take stolen data and sell it on the dark web.  Sometimes this data is a set of email addresses and passwords, other times it’s a cache of patient medical records.  Most recently, administrative documents are stolen and sold on the dark web to facilitate health insurance fraud.


    By monitoring the dark web for identities theft, email address, and known passwords, we can help alert you to new data breaches where your identity may have been exposed.  Additionally, you’ll know it’s time to chance your passwords for those sites.   Protecting your data means knowing who has keys to your systems.  Let us help you stay on top of these growing threats.

  • Advanced malware is continuing to evolve with ever-increasing sophistication.  By utilizing flaws that are unknown to software vendors, it can be almost impossible to identify these threats before it’s too late.  Additionally, advanced threats often disguised to fool your anti-virus software into thinking they are safe processes.


    Using advanced AV with behavioral analysis helps contain these advanced threats by understanding what the software is trying to do.  If malicious intent is detected, our solutions have the ability to stop the attack immediately.  Once the attack is neutralized, we have the advanced abilities to roll-back your systems to a pre-attack state.

  • When you read about breaches in the news, you often hear about the event weeks and months after they began.  Most organized cyber criminals establish persistent access to networks before launching attacks to ex-filtrate data or encrypt your systems. During this time, they setup additional user accounts, monitor the traffic to identify what type of system they gained access to, and scan your data to determine the relative value.


    In order to stop these attacks, it’s vital to monitor critical traffic, security events, and end-user workstations.  By collecting this data and applying artificial intelligence, patterns can emerge to highlight breaches as they occur.  Once a breach is identified, our teams are alerted and systems are locked down to seal off further access.  Think of these systems as the “canary in a coal mine”.

  • Recent analysis has shown that approximately 90% of cyber threats originate from phishing emails.  The sophistication of social engineering is often compelling and believable.  These attackers exploit common security expectations and mimic those processes to lure you into a false sense of security.


    By analyzing your email as it’s delivered, our advanced threat protections allow us to determine the intent of the email.  If there is an urgent call to action with URLs pointing to malicious websites, we know it’s a scam.  If an email claims to be from a co-worker, but it originated off your network, we know it’s a scam.  By preventing these messages from arriving in your inbox, we can greatly improve the security of your systems as well as the number active threats your users face.

  • There are no silver bullets when it comes to protecting systems and data.  The best approach is one with many layers working together to secure different aspects and components of your network.  While anti-virus on each desktop provides a “last line” of defense, we need to supplement this protection with additional filtering for your users.


    By using cloud connected content filtering, we can help ensure your employees are visiting reputable websites.  If web requests are made to known malicious sites, we can stop that connection before damage can be done.  If malware gets past your defenses, we can often block the communication to the cyber criminals command and control servers.  As an added benefit, we can often restore productivity of your team by establishing responsible Internet use policies for all.

  • We can deploy the most advanced technical solutions available, but if we neglect training your team and raising the security awareness, we have overlooked the greatest risk to your network.  Threats are constantly evolving, and the cyber criminals are working to bypass security measures that are deployed.  By ensuring your staff are security conscience, we greatly improve the success of our security measures.


    This doesn’t mean your team need to be experts in the latest hacking threats, but it does mean we want your team to be suspicious.  We want to raise the hairs on their neck when they see an unexpected email with an attachment.  When an ad pops up that’s “too good to be true”, we want your team to close their web browser immediately.  When unsolicited calls or security validation codes come to your mobile phone, we want your employees to assume someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to an account.

  • Lost or stolen data is a growing concern for many protected or regulated industries.  Cyber criminals are no longer stealing electronic devices to resell the device – they are stealing them to gain access to your data.  Without data encryption, most laptops can have their hard drives removed and scanned from another device without needing a password.  Most concerning, when we travel with our business devices, the data contained is often the most valuable asset your business owns.


    By encrypting your computing devices – laptops, workstations, servers, tablets, and smartphones – you’re taking an active step to protect your business and your clients.  Most regulated industries have provisions, such as Safe Harbor protections for healthcare data, to further protect your office from the damage of lost data.

Cyber Crime is Growing

On average, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have occurred daily since January 1, 2016.  92.4% of malware is delivered by email.  In 2017, cyber attacks cost small and medium-sized business an average of $2.2 million per incident.  

“Do not make the mistake of thinking that your practice, no matter how small, is not a target for indiscriminate cyber-attacks.  Malicious actors will always exist.  Whether you are a small-practice physician or the chief information security officer (CISO) of a large health care entity, your job is to make it difficult for these actors to succeed.” – The Department of Health and Human Services

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